Brief Self Introduction

Let me introduce myself briefly.

I am Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi.  I run two projects.

First is to introduce Japanese companies, to Israeli people who would like to work in Japan for a several years. Since I am mixed, I could not join in Japanese community when I was a child, and I couldn’t join in Israeli community as well, because I have lived in Japan. So I really would like to help Japanese companies which is trying to work together with different cultural backgrounds, and also Israeli people who would like to work in Japan, so that there would be a new Israeli-Japanese community that I can join :) . In order to do that, I would like to introduce my project to Israeli people and ask for an advice and, to study what kind of people work in what kind of company.

Second is that, I would like to research startups in Israel and see if some of the startups can collaborate with Japanese companies or not.

投稿者: megavi1212

ジョージア系ユダヤ人とアルメニア人のハーフの母親と、日本人の父のもと、イスラエルで生まれる 早稲田大学先進理工学部物理学科を卒業 東京大学大学院理学系研究科物理学専攻に入学 学部時代は原子核物理学を量子多体計算をヘリウム3原子系の状態方程式に応用する研究を行い、大学院では低温物理学の研究室にてmK温度域におけるヘリウム3原子系に関する実験をおこなう 大学院在学中に海外人材業界や仮想通貨・ブロックチェーン業界でインターンを経験したのち、 仮想通貨・ブロックチェーン系の投資&コンサルティング会社にて社長秘書、セールス、海外のお客様の対応窓口、海外案件のプロジェクトマネジメント等を担当 2018年より株式会社imaのメンバーとして経営戦略室に着任 仮想通貨・ブロックチェーン業界をビジネス的には離れたものの、優秀な日本の学生を海外の仮想通貨・ブロックチェーンプロジェクトと繋げる活動をしている。 /Graduated from Department of Physics, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University Enrolled in the physics course of the Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo At the undergraduate age, conducted research on applying equations of state from nuclear physics to helium 3 system as quantum many body calculation At graduate school, conducted experiments on helium 3 system at mK temperature in laboratory at low temperature physics While attending the graduate school, worked as internship for cross board human resource industry and virtual currency / block chain industry Participated in virtual currency and block chain investment & consultation company, as who is responsible for president's secretary, sales, counterparts for overseas customers, project management for overseas projects, etc Participated in ima Inc. in 2018 as Strategic Management Officer


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